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Reheat-to-Eat “Homey Easy Meal”

Reheat-to-eat food packs, saving your time and effort…

100% handmade in Hong Kong with no added MSG or preservatives, offering worry-free healthy homey food options…

One-person portion for convenient consumption at any time while reducing food waste, restoring your pleasure of eating…

Modern peoples’ busy life means less time for meal preparation. Many of them tend to cook simple dishes for daily meals and fail to enjoy dining. In view of this, Synergy Catering has created our own brand “Homey Easy Meal” that comprises a range of “Reheat-to-Eat” meal packs and soup packs. Our professional chefs play the role as your home chefs and prepare a variety of home-cooked dishes and soups with no added MSG, colourants or preservatives during the production process. It is time-saving and effortless – simply store the “Homey Easy Meal” food packs in the freezer and reheat to eat any time!

“Homey Easy Meal” is especially conceived for small families and people living alone. The “one-person portion” packaging is particularly designed for small consumption so that even people dining alone can still have fun enjoying a variety of delicious dishes! Most of the “Homey Easy Meal” packs contain two one-person portion food packs. Reheat the required portion as needed and store the remaining portion with the “Homey Easy Meal” resealable outer bag, and you can help to reduce food waste easily and hygienically.

Homey Easy Meal is available at Synergy Mart official online shop, Synergy Mart HKTVmall shop and Top Fresh Bazaar.

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Group Meals

In 2017, Synergy Catering began to serve long-term corporate staff meal service that offers prompt delivery of full-day meals every day, rain or shine.  When COVID-19 first hit Hong Kong in early 2020, we quickly launched the “Contactless Meal Box Pre-ordering and Delivery Service” called “Support Your Meals” to provide efficient and high-quality quarantine daily food delivery services for self-isolation groups under compulsory quarantine.  With the adoption of contactless online ordering and centralized fixed-point delivery methods, the service is able to meet the special catering needs of many people in quarantine under the COVID-19 pandemic condition.

Based on your group size, budget, meal delivery time and frequency, Synergy Catering will recommend appropriate meal service plan and provide menus, equipment and logistics arrangements that fulfill your requirements.  During implementation, we shall discuss and confirm the monthly or weekly menus with you well in advance and deliver the meals to the designated locations on time, every time.

Canteen Planning and Management

Our team is well experienced in planning, managing and operating institutional canteens for tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools, factories, clubhouses and corporate offices.  We fully understand the different requirements and various modes of canteen operation, and are capable of grasping the key factors such as cost control, food material quality, food safety, logistics management and operational efficiency to achieve satisfactory partnerships with different organizations.

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Creative Food and Beverage Projects

Combining our innovative and pioneering spirit, extensive food and beverage industry experience and marketing wisdom, Synergy Catering has transformed the traditional student canteen at Shaw College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong into a stylish cafe under the brand SeeYou@Shaw . SeeYou@Shaw offers a wide range of cuisine, diversified party venues and play facilities to meet the needs of young people, and has grown to be a well-known gathering hub for the university community.

In addition, Synergy Catering is the first catering partner of Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) Chai Wan with two restaurants on site, namely Tree Cafe on the first floor and Tree Deli on the fourth floor.  Our strength in transformation gave birth to another restaurant Sky Common at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Haking Wong where we once again transformed the traditional student canteen to a colourful and vibrant gathering hub that offers even better customer experience through the electronic self-service ticketing function.

We are actively seeking to develop more creative catering projects and welcome any collaboration ideas.

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