Professional Catering

Culinary Creativity

Exquisite and delicious food always happens to be the key element that impresses your party guests.  At Synergy Catering, we are dedicated in helping you to create memorable events with tasteful and sumptuous delicacies.   

The Synergy team is consisted of F&B professionals with over 20 years of experience in the catering industry and remarkable expertise in organizing banquets, operating restaurants and providing group meal services.  Our qualified chefs specializes in various types of Chinese, Western and Southeast Asian cuisines, and are committed in utilizing their creativity, crafty cooking and dedication to offer a variety of catering and food delivery services, including: birthday party, High Table Dinner, corporate function, business reception, meeting snacks, organizational group meal, event catering, wedding reception, private party and barbecue package.

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Your Advantages

  • Dedicated Follow-up: One of our dedicated personnel will be responsible for following up on all matters relating to your event catering needs, ensuring clear communications and ultimate collaboration for your important occasions.

  • Customized Menu: Our experienced chefs will customize menus that suit your personal taste or corporate culture, venue environment, catering budget and food type requirements, addressing the catering needs of different events.

  • Creativity and All-time Flavors: You can choose from a wide variety of menus bringing together Chinese, Western and Southeast Asian classics and creative fusion dishes, offering diversified tastes to delight your guests in different events.

  • Value-adding Services: We are capable of providing value-adding resources such as popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and ice cream cabinet to add more fun in your events, as well as venue decoration, onsite photography and videography, and even bridal make-up service to bring your creative and thoughtful ideas to life.

  • All-round Facilities: With our comprehensive catering equipment and adequate service manpower, we are always ready to meet the different needs of indoor and outdoor catering events.

Customized Services

Choosing Synergy Catering as your catering partner marks the beginning of a truly tailor-made experience.  You will get in touch with a dedicated personnel to follow up closely on your catering needs, understand your requirements for food and event arrangements, and tailor specialty menus to accommodate your personal taste or corporate culture, venue environment, budget and food type preference etc., ensuring clear communications and smooth collaboration.  

Whether your event is a private party, corporate meeting or institutional gathering, we can provide dining advice according to the number of participants and needs of the event, as well as offering tailor-made menus for the elderly, children and vegetarians.  Your ordered food will be delivered to the event venue carefully and punctually.

Simply choose your preferred catering format such as buffet, semi-buffet or banquet.  We shall then advise and provide the appropriate appliances, equipment and onsite service personnel in accordance with your needs, assuring a smooth running of the catering provisions for your events.  

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Group Meals

In 2017, Synergy Catering began to serve long-term corporate staff meal service that offers prompt delivery of full-day meals every day, rain or shine. When COVID-19 first hit Hong Kong in early 2020, we quickly launched the “Contactless Meal Box Pre-ordering and Delivery Service” called “Support Your Meals” to provide efficient and high-quality quarantine daily food delivery services for self-isolation groups under compulsory quarantine. With the adoption of contactless online ordering and centralized fixed-point delivery methods, the service is able to meet the special catering needs of many people in quarantine under the COVID-19 pandemic condition.

Based on your group size, budget, meal delivery time and frequency, Synergy Catering will recommend appropriate meal service plan and provide menus, equipment and logistics arrangements that fulfill your requirements. During implementation, we shall discuss and confirm the monthly or weekly menus with you well in advance and deliver the meals to the designated locations on time, every time.

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